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Consulting Services

Metro Metal’s approach enables us to tailor our solutions within each manufacturing industry segment, where needed, to maximize client relevance and impact and to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Manufacturing consulting helps companies optimize system efficiency, throughput, reliability and minimize waste throughout the manufacturing process. The production phase focuses on creating the appropriate infrastructure in preparation for higher volume production. From finding raw materials to creating QC specifications, there are several reasons why you need manufacturing consultation. A consultant can provide solutions, training, and implement action items during the production phase of your product development process. Cost, quality, and delivery are constant challenges facing every manufacturer. Through a consultant, they can help you find long-term solutions that improve processes.

Business Strategy & Management: Corporate strategy; Pricing strategy/management; Innovation; Enterprise model design; cost management.

Customer Engagement: Customer experience transformation; Service transformation; Pricing strategy; Aftermarket support; Service management.

Product Development & Innovation: Product development transformation; Engineering; Custom Products; Product data management.

Supply Chain & Operations: Manufacturing and supply chain transformation; Product planning, forecasting and scheduling; Procurement and spend management; Internal operations and performance management; Logistics and distribution strategy.

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